Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Sales

Ok, I know this is last minute, but since my inbox has been bombarded with these emails, thought I'd share. Most of these are Mother's Day specials, but some I threw in too so that you have a variety to look at :) Some interesting things in case your last minute gift ain't as great as you think either :)


Friends & Family Sale: 20% off site wide, and if you use ebates, you get 7% (of the total you paid) cash back! I like Definicils mascara (waterproof of course), and their Bi Facial eye makeup remover is one of the best! Also, Jucy Tubes is always a favorite amongst beauty enthusiasts :) Just giving some ideas.


No minimum for free shipping and you get samples. I liked Seaweed Shampoo because you could use it daily, but I noticed my hair was falling out a lot more rapidly than usual, so I use it like once in a while when I want a change in scents :) their tonic spray and texturizing stuff is nice though.


12% off site wide. For those of you unfamiliar, this is a nail art store, they also sell makeup and other "pretty" things. I personally have never bought anything from them yet, but they seem pretty legit if you're wondering. They have the knock-off Konad nail stamps, and claim to be better, but in the demo it actually looked the same. This is a cheaper alternative, if you don't like the high price of Konad.

MAC COSMETICS   No Coupon Code

Free shipping on any order till 11:59pm EST (why don't they ever go according to Hawaii time?). Anyway, this would be a good chance to check out their new collections that just released last week I believe? Or stock up on your favorites.


Many deals going on now. If you haven't checked this site out, you should! You get extremely discounted gift certificates on restaurants in your area. Just remember that they're usually for dine-in only and not take out.


Free shipping on any purchase...may not work to HI/AK though, so beware! Ebates does 3% on the Stila website

MAGAZINES.COM   No Coupon Code

They have a ton of deals for $5 or less! Check it out. This is the only way I subscribe :) You just have to remember that these subscriptions auto-renew, and to totally cancel, you have to call customer service, but they're really easy to talk to.

Wong Fu Store  Coupon Code: congrats2012

Code is for 10% off your entire purchase. Ok, not really "Mom" stuff, but if you want to do a little shopping on the side, look here. These guys are awesome, they make videos, talk at colleges, have awesome YouTube friends, and make shirts, and awkward animals :) Hey, you could get your mom a coffee cup?

BIRCHBOX   No Coupon Code

If you're indecisive, you could give the gift of samples! This is like 4-6 deluxe samples a month, and I get good stuff all the time. Gift it to your mom and she'll have a ton of stuff to get to try out!

That pretty much rounds it up. I hope you get to take advantage of these deals whether for your momma or not!

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