About Me

My Name is Sara.  I LOVE everything to do with beauty: makeup, nails, hair, even fashion!  I like reading other people's tips on beauty, and I try to share what I know myself.  Join me on this wonderful journey as I explore the depths of the beauty industry!

A Little about Me:

I am currently attempting to finish school (marketing) while working for our lovely Aloha state :)  It's so hard trying to figure out what I want to do when I "grow up."  Like I said I love the beauty industry, but I've gone to school for so long and worked very hard for my degree, so I'm really indecisive about where I will go career-wise in December when I graduate.  Hopefully I can dedicate more time to beauty blogging and making more friends in the industry :)

About this Blog:

I buy a LOT of beauty stuff.  Many people may say that I buy too much (my parents), but really I only buy so much stuff because I like to diversify my collection and be able to do anything with makeup, nails, and hair, sometimes fashion.

As I continue to splurge on beauty products, I would like to share them with the world, at least anyone willing to listen.  I will let you know that I am definitely not a professional ANYTHING, including a photographer.  That's why you'll have to tolerate my ghetto lightbox and sometimes blurry pictures.  I think I got the focusing the camera correctly thing right, but lighting is something that I will continue to work on (one of my next projects).  The camera I am using is a Canon Powershot SX 30IS.  I really love this camera, I get good quality photos, and the simplicity of a point and shoot.  Hope you like my pictures.

Beauty Profile:

Just a few facts about me, in case you're wondering:

Skin Type: Oily (I wish there was like a "beyond oily" type)
Skin Tone: Medium, Yellow-ish ;)  Like about MAC NC30, MUFE HD 127, Bare Minerals Medium Beige
Hair Color: Black, yessss that black && it's natural
Hair Type: Fluffy-Straight, Oily-Prone, Coarse
Eye Color: Brown
Eyelid: Hooded :)  No Surgery