Wednesday, March 30, 2011

REVIEW: Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Moisturizer

Let me start off with saying that my skin is OILY (you can read about that here)! I wish there was a type oilier than oily because that would be me. PLUS I have bad acne, and the oil on my skin does not mix well with that problem. This moisturizer is supposed to be good for oily skin, and Bliss actually has a whole line dedicated to oily skin, but I usually use drugstore acne products to was and treat, but I never found a really good moisturizer there, so I've been trying out higher end ones lately.

Ok, so my first experience with this product was actually a sample because I wanted to try out another moisturizer, but the person that got it for me said that this one was good too. So I took both home and tried them out. The person at Sephora only gave me a little of this one so whatever I did use was pretty good...I thought.

I ended up purchasing it maybe a week or two later because I had the VIB gift card from Sephora, so I was able to get I believe $20 off of my purchase. I started using it, and I feel like it didn't perform as well as I thought it did when I had the sample. Now, I'm not saying this is a really bad product, it's just not as mattifying as I thought it was going to be. I've used many moisturizers (Murad Oil-Control Mattifier, MAC Oil Control Lotion, etc), and this is in that same field, but way more expensive. It's a little heavier/thicker than other moisturizers for oily skin, but the experience is the same. It has a nice scent, and feels nice going on.

I would only recommend to those wit mildly oily skin, if you have a more extreme case, maybe you wanna stick with something cheaper.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pictures Coming Soon

So on Wednesday, I received my Urban Decay 15th anniversary eyeliner set :) Yessss...I ordered it. I think it was worth the moolah personally, but I would rather have seen a wider variety of colors. There were like two blacks: the cult favorite Zero, and the kit exclusive Preversion, and a lot of browns, ok...I may be over-exaggerating, but I would have personally wanted Graffiti (green) and Yeyo (white). Now that I think about it, the whole range of colors is actually quite narrow. But anyway, I am liking them right now, and will post pictures soon :)

Speaking of pictures, in a post on my other blog (KatsuChiika) I mentioned that I am soon getting a new camera. The camera I am using now is actually still pretty good, but like how lots of electronics can start to show their age, mines is when compared to my friend's camera. Plus I can't find the USB for it too, so I've been wanting to post pictures of my nail wheels, and now the eyeliners, but can't find the dang thing, so I will work on that as I work on getting the camera.