Friday, February 18, 2011

Nail Color Wheels

So on Tuesday I got my set of 10 color wheels that I ordered on ebay :) I was so happy, now I can swatch my nail polishes, and I don't have to look at each bottle and try to remember what it looks like, how opaque it is, etc.

So I am currently in the process of trying to inventory all the colors I have, and when I finish I will post pictures :) What I am going to do is separate them by color family, and then I will have a wheel for my dark dark colors (that I LOVE to wear on short nails), and one for my glitters. I was a bit amazed at the fact that I came very close to filling up a whole wheel with my glitters...I do love them...a LOT! So what's actually going to happen is that I will have repeating colors throughout the different wheels...some may say that' a waste of a nail, but I think it will help me better decide when I know what mood I am in :)

So...they're actually almost done so pretty soon I will post :)

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