Friday, February 18, 2011

More Spring 2011 Nail Collections

AAAHHHHHH!!! This is gonna put me in the hole I swear! Anyway, I finally found some blogs with more previews of spring collections. I found the Essie French Affair collection, and the Orly Precious collection on and respectively. I am real liking the colors from the Essie collection. Not too much from the Orly one.

Ok...speaking of nail collections, I am a little late, but I think the appeal came onto me a little late...anyway: I ended up buying a few of the China Glaze holiday 2010 collection colors. Some I bought at Kali's and the others I got from a nail salon, which I think sparked this "appeal." When the collection first came out, I really liked the Party Hearty topcoat because like Leesha from xsparkage's like Christmas in a bottle! Also the fact that it sold out at Kali's right after it came in, kinda made me want it more. So anyway, when I was getting a pedicure at a nail salon in town, I noticed Christmas-y stuff to my left and I almost jumped in was a China Glaze gift set, with Phat Santa (a creme finish red), Jolly Holly (a dark green, with a little micro-shimmer), and yessss: Party Hearty (a clear topcoat that has small gold and green glitters, and big red chunky glitter). It's really a cool topcoat. I grabbed this set, and it was oober cheap because the topcoat was like a free gift, so it was only like $12 (regular price of one China Galze color is like $6.50). I also picked up Little Drummer Boy (a deep blue with blue micro-shimmer), and Naughty and Nice (a creme finish deep maroon, it's actually been described as plum, but I see maroon). Only after swatching the Jolly Holly I realized how pretty of a color it actually is, and I liked Little Drummer Boy from the beginning, it's like a shimmery alternative to Calypso Blue, which I also love. And the Naughty and Nice actually surprised me at how dark it is. It's one of those almost black colors for me, and I love those kinds of colors :) I haven't worn Jolly Holly yet (just swatched it for my display wheels I talked about in the last post), but I think it will be on my nails next :)

So, I also wanted to mention that I picked up a few colors from Anchors Away and Intimate. From Anchors Away I got Below Deck and Knotty. From Intimate I got Jules and Catlin. I like every color I picked up. I wanted to get Sea Spray, but I kinda forgot about that color (I had it written down, but I guess it really didn't impress me much), so maybe later, or not. It kinda reminds me of Catlin anyway.

I actually only wore three of those four. I haven't gotten a chance to wear Jules yet, but a kinda weird thing happened. When I was painting my "Nudes" color wheel, I painted China Glaze Stellar right next to it, and when I was coming around to do the second coat, I accidentally put my second coat of Stellar on Jules! That's what I get for trying to do this at night, when I'm dead tired AND have horrible lighting. But it turned out for the better, it's actually a really nice combo ;) Also, Jules by itself looks really nice.

As a side note: got a notice from MAC talking about the release of a new Viva Glam Gaga color! It's more of a nude, and I think I like it better than the first one, which was too white for me. I like the Viva Glam line because it seems like it's a universal line, so more people will buy it (since it's for charity). So I may be talking about that soon! Which reminds me, I should talk about the Wonder Woman stuff I got...well I actually only picked up one quad because I couldn't see myself spending that much money...

Looks like I have a lot to talk about...glad my period of midterms is gonna be over soon, giving me more time to update this blog!

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