Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Nail Pics

I finally have time to upload some pictures that I've been dying to upload :) Unfortunately, I am still not able to upload from my older camera, but I have ordered a new memory card reader, so hopefully...SOON!

Here's two of my most recent nails that I've worn.


On this set of nails (it gets complicated), here's the break down:
I ended up really liking the more subtle colors from the Anchors Away collection. The other color from that collection I got was Below Deck, which is a mauve-y color. And, for now...I only have Black Mesh from the Crackle Glazes. I have on back order Cracked Concrete and Fault Line...looking forward to those :)


On this set of nails, I'm wearing Catlin (Intimate Collection) and La Pop both by Zoya.

I normally don't really take into consideration the brand of polish that I'm wearing, just so happens that on these two sets of nails I was consistent with brand :)

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