Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Product Curiosity: INGLOT Freedom System

I've been reading about this brand called INGLOT that is based in the UK that has this eyeshadow palette like MAC and MAKEUP FOREVER that you can customize with eyeshadows of your choice. I've been contemplating getting a Zpalette, and getting MAC and MAKEUP FOREVER eyeshadows, and de-potting my Urban Decay eyeshadows. And after doing a little looking up, it seems that I think the INGLOT route is right for me.

At first, there were a few problems, one was that INGLOT was only a brick and mortor store...only a product listing was available online. Now that they finally have an online store, shipping is quite redonkulous-it's based on the price you're paying (the more you buy, the more you have to pay for it to be shipped). Anyway, there are stores in the US, including one in Vegas and a bunch on the east side of the country. This excites me because I would like to travel to New York (where they have a store) in the winter...just waiting on one of my friends to confirm so we can start planning our adventure there.

Anyway, I would like to point out a few things that make this company rise above the rest:
  • SIZE: The size of the INGLOT eyeshadow pans are 2.7 grams. MAC and Urban Decay ones are 1.5, MAKEUP FOREVER comes close at 2.3 grams, and stila comes even closer at 2.6 grams (not too sure if these are the same size as the pans they used to sell-they're now sold in a pot)
  • PRICE: When bought in bulk (>10), INGLOT eyeshadow pans are $4.50, even when you buy only one, the price is $7. MAC ones are $11 (for the pan only, in the pot it's $14.50), Urban Decay is $17, and you do not have the option to buy just the pan, also no pan only, stila at $18, and MAKEUP FOREVER at $19.
  • FREEDOM: INGLOT comes in many varieties. You can choose from the duo eyeshadow palette for $1, 3 pan for $7, 5 pan for $10, 10 pan for $20, and 20 pan for $23. They will be releasing a 40 pan palette, which I'm not too sure about the price for. MAC Pro Palettes come only in the 4 and 15 option. The empty palettes (without the eyeshadows) are actually cheaper than the INGLOT ones. The quad is only $5 and the 15 pan (which can hold up to 22 I believe) is $14. MAKEUP FOREVER also has a palette you can put their eyeshadows in that holds 10, for $20. I thought they had another one (that holds less), but I can't find it. stila has empty palettes: 3 pan for $13, 4 pan for $16, 6 pan for $24, and 8 pan for $30.
So, if you get together with some friends and go to the store, you can get a good deal on eyeshadows. I've seen swatches on Temptalia's, Beautezine's and Xsparkage's blogs, and the color payoff looks great. Also, it seems after reading that the glitter in these are better at staying on your eyelid, instead of your cheek, which is something I really think Urban Decay should look into working on.

All you need to do is buy 10 pans, and you can get them for cheap. For me, that's just enough to get colors for natural look, a black, a gray/silver, an eye color enhancing look (for me a few purples), and a pink (which I like to use with neutrals). I think that could easily fill 10 pans. If I buy in the near future, I think I'm gonna pick up a 20 pan palette, and a few of the colors I mentioned. One thing I would like to do, if possible is make a dupe for the naked palette. However, in actuality, the Naked Palette is actually a good deal ($4 an eyeshadow, plus a free brush and primer potion), but I don't like the fallout from the glitter shades

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