Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stila Holiday Collection

Hey guys,

I got an email this morning about Stila's holiday collection.  There's some interesting things that you may want to check out.

Dream in Full Color Palette $39

Includes: 29 eyeshadows, 7 cheek colors, and a smudgestick in stingray.

Color-wise, it looks a lot more wearable than the color wheel that came out last year.  There are a lot of earthy colors.  The thing that I kind of like is that it comes with the cheek colors, which I believe are those things on the "outside" of the "flower" looking thing.  They seem very similar in color though.  If I catch it at Sephora, I should try and swatch.  This would be cool to buy if you already don't have a neutral palette, and also would like to try the smudgestick, which I am not the biggest fan of.

Daydream Palette, $18

Includes: 22 eyeshadows

This palette has a lot more color colors.  I may look into buying this.  I has nice, softer looking teals, blues, and purples, along with some neutrals.

Holiday Lip Glaze Set 2011  $25

Includes 4 best sellers and 4 holiday exclusives in a smaller .05 oz (compared to the full sized .08 oz) package.


  •  Apricot (Permanent)
  •  Kitten (Permanent)
  •  Starfruit (Permanent)
  •  Grapefruit (Permanent)
  •  Believe - rosey wine with gold shimmer (Limited)
  •  Dreamy - creamy, beige amaretto with subtle shimmer (Limited)
  •  Fantasy - warm pink with gold shimmer (Limited)
  •  Kaleidoscope - sheer apricot with multi-pearl shimmer (Limited)
I personally don't love Stila lip glazes.  They're on the sticky side, and pretty pricey.  However, if you like these lip glazes, or if you want to try them out, this is a good option.  It's pretty cheap and you get a LOT.

 This includes:

  • #24a powder brush
  • #6 lip color and liner brush
  • #9 all over blend brush
  • #33b domed concealer brush
  • #5 eye shadow brush
This looks like a pretty good deal, but keep in mind these look like they're travel sized.  I will look into this set because I've been looking for some eye brushes I can carry with me for touch ups.

This collection looks pretty neat.  Good stuff to check out.  I believe for now it will only be on the Stila website (  where you can get 6% cash back from ebates.  The only thing is that if you live in Hawaii (and Alaska too I think) the shipping is redonkulous, so there's your downside.  If you're tight on shipping, I would say wait for it to come out at sephora, where it is actually 4% cash back from ebates.

Let me know if you pick anything up, or what you would want to pick up :)

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