Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunscreen: To Use or Not to Use?

So, school started for me yesterday (no classes on Mondays!!), and so it begins, me waking up about half an hour earlier than my lazy day summer schedule, my long hike from the parking structure to my building, and yesssss wearing a more intense sunscreen on my face to protect from them rays. During the summer I was just working, so I never used a really high SPF, just either my VitaZing moistirizer, or my Murad Oil Control Mattifier which are both SPF 15 only. Now that I will be out in the sun for longer periods of time, and during those peak hours (10 am till 2 pm) more often, I tend to wear more sun protecting products to keep my face safe, and white ;P

What is the problem you ask? Well along with stronger sun protection, most of these products do a number on my oily skin!!

As you may remember, I tried MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect that had an SPF of 50, which was nice. I was ok with how it was on my face...not horribly greasy: manageable, but then I broke out and gave it to my friend, who I think is liking it.

So, I tried Neutrogena Liquid Moisturizer SPF 50, and I used it straight out of the bottle, and hated it...way too greasy. However, after my experience with the MAC product went down the toilet, I tried this stuff again, and mixed it with my Murad moisturizer, which ended up being pretty good...not great, but tollerable! I also tried it with MAC Oil Control Lotion, which is ok too!!

I also tried a sample of a Shiseido one, one that I got in an earlier haul. It was the same...ok.

My dilemma: I need to find a better sunscreen that will control oil on my face. I will always be in the search, and I hope I find it soon. For those of you who do face the sun on a regular basis, whether it be walking from your car at those peak hours, or you like to walk around your neighborhood in the afternoon, I really do suggest you wear sunscreen. Meleanoma can kill, so take it seriously! If you have not too oily skin, you may want to check out some of the stuff I mentioned :)

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