Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Sigma Brushes!!!

I am SUPER excited to find out that Sigma is coming out with two new brushes. Well, I'm more excited about one more than the other. These are the two brushes, from Sigma's Affiliate blog:

These are the E80 and E75 (top and bottom). They both launch, and will be in their permanent line on Monday, April 16, 2012 and are $9 and $11 respectively.

The E80 is basically a non-disposable spoolie, which I'm like, eh about, mostly because I don't use these...I know they can be super useful for taking clumps out of your lashes when you use mascara, but I am usually rushing by the time mascara comes around that I don't have time for that, plush if you use the right mascara, it's not that useful...They also make good eyebrow groomers for those who have longer hairs that you want to brush out of the way either when filling or shaping, and then when trying to put back into place, again after filling or shaping.

BUUUUUT...I AM pretty dang hyped up about the E75, which is an angled brow brush. This is one brush type that I had been hoping for a while that Sigma would do because that is like the one brush I haven't seen in their line that I felt was a necessity. The E65 is actually not a very good brush in general (in my opinion) because I feel it's not stiff enough to fill brows, but not precise enough to do liner. However, I have been using that brush lately to kinda smudge my gel liner, so I guess I have found some purpose for that one :)

FYI, I have been using two other brow brushes to fill brows: Bare Escentuals brow brush, which was included with their (bad) brow powder (but can be bought separately), and the Kat Von D brow brush, which you can only get in a set at Sephora. Both are actually quite similar in performance, but the type of fibers used in them are different. Check them out if you dare...The reason I don't like the Bare Escentuals brow powder is that I have "Brunette," and that color was waaaaayyyyyy too dark for me, and I have jet black hair! I have no clue who could fit this color. Perhaps if your skin is on the darker side, maybe? I wouldn't know, I'm too light to test that theory!

So mark your calendars and grab these brushes (or at least the E75) on Monday before they run out like most of their new launches do!!! I will totally be on that bandwagon, and also probably gonna pick up the precision kit (the small Sigmax brushes), which has been on my list for a while :)

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