Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas to Myself today I received my Christmas presents I bought for myself. Sephora had this online thing where it was 20% off all their sale items (who woulda thought Sephora would do sales?) so I bought the stila collectible travel palette in trendsetting in tokyo and the color wheel eye shadow palette, also by stila. And I knew it would kill me if I had to pay $6 for shipping AND tax, so I added on the stila kajal eye liner in onyx (black), so I could get free shipping. I am so not like the number 1 stila fan, it was merely coincidence that all of the products I bought were from stila. Anyway, I was actually gonna buy other stuff, then realized I wouldn't do much with them anyway, and after reorganizing my shopping bag, I ended up with just those three products.

I think that color wheel thing was more of a splurge moment for me. The regular price was actually $38, then it went down to $25, and then it was 20% could I resist?? I've seen it in the store, and the shadows looked really nice, but I really couldn't stomach the price, and I do have many other palettes (I have one of the blockbusters, and a 120 palette already, plus other smaller ones), so I used to just admire it from afar, and now I own it. I'll play around with it and will really see how good/bad it is :D

The trendsetting in tokyo was just like the color wheel...but the colors were so pretty ;) The peace color (the name of it is actually a symbol --> the peace sign...the one you do with your fingers --> 2) looks a lot like MAC's black tied. I personally don't own that color, but have used it, and will be looking forward to the stila one. I think the two colors that I was eager about the most was the kawaii eyeshadow (a rosy pink), and the sakura convertible cheek color (a bright pink).

The kajal eye liner has always been in my sights. Always looking for a good eye liner, so hoping this will prove its name that other beauty gurus rave about.

One last thing: a couple days ago I ended up purchasing MAC's cream color base in tickle me pink, which is a really bright pink color. In comparison to the convertible cheek color from the tokyo palette, it's a little more yellow/orange based, where the stila one is more blue/purple based. They had a free shipping thing too, so as you can see I am a total push over when it comes to free shipping...just think about it: it's literally like purchasing something at home without having to leave ;D

Will talk more about these products later. Better get to bed before I am dead tired tomorrow!

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