Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on Christmas Presents to Myself

Ok, so after a few uses, I think I have a good first impression on those "gifts" to myself I got after Christmas. I'll put these in my blippy (after a few more uses in them: this is pretty much like a first glance at these), with products I can post for (so probably not the MAC stuff since you can't link that account), so you can look there: I already have other reviews of stuff I've bought from sephora.

I really like using this palette. Its colors are really nice, and come off pretty well. I was a little worried since many of the shadows (especially the ones that I really liked) are a bit small, but you don't need much, especially from the darker colors to get the color off. The only slight downside with this is that the shadows are quite soft, as in when they were pressed, they weren't pressed with a whole ton of pressure, so when you brush off product, you will have a ton that comes off. Hope that makes sense. So, you have to watch out for fallout, and if you store your palette vertically like me (because I have no space)! Another thing, that may or may not be a down side, is that its range of neutral colors isn't that great. Most of them are warmer, bronzy colors, but for me, I was looking more for the actual colors, so I really didn't mind because I have a ton of neutral shadows anyway. All in all I like it, and I recommend it to anyone who is lacking a wide range of colors in their makeup collection. Also, it's still $25 at sephora, it's still available online.

As I mentioned, I looked forward to using the peace sign eye shadow (I found out that that's the name: peace sign...shoulda looked at the sephora site for that before I posted), the kawaii eye shadow, and the sakura convertible color. I like all three of those, and also the sake eyeshadow (a golden/champagne color). I haven't tried shibuya, a royal blue color, but maybe soon. I have to figure out what I could do with it. Like the color wheel, these shadows are a bit soft too, which didn't surprise me because it's also a stila product. Overall, I don't know how great this palette is for like one look because it is marketed to be a take along type thing, but I do like the things in it, and I use them to create looks with other products, so if you're not looking for that portability, then you should look into this. I must warn you that online it is marked as limited edition, so hurry if you are interested.

This was supposed to be one of the best pencil eye liners out in the market. I was quite disappointed in the performance of this stuff after hearing such wonderful things about it. First of all I would like to commend its wonderful color pigmentation. I was using MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua Eyes for a while, and I always felt like I wasn't getting a true black on my waterline, so I tried paring it with a gel liner (BUXOM Lashliner), like Marlena (Make Up Geek TV) does, and that worked really well, but I have to use TWO products. When I initially swatched the kajal eye liner, I was impressed with its"black-ness" but noticed that it was creamy (like how others had described it), so that threw me off a bit because the MUFE one is a little harder, which is what I think made it stick to the waterline. So I tried it one day on my waterline, and was immediately impressed by the pigmentation, and how black it was, but by the time I finished my mascara and face makeup, I looked back, and most of it was gone, so I reapplied. I was so horrified that by the end of the day it looked like someone punched me in BOTH of my eyes because the eye liner had melted its way under my eyes :( So the next day I tried it on the waterline again, and this time I set it with a powder eye shadow, not actually on the waterline because things can get a little gross if you put powders there, and I noticed that it did much better than just the eye liner on the water line, but it was still creeping down. This was a little frustrating if you can imagine. So today I have it on my waterline again, and this time I applied it very lightly, but after I finished, I realized, there was no point in doing that because now, the pigmentation isn't as intense as it's supposed to be...anyway: thinking about returning it, but maybe not because it's a good liner to get smudged and stuff, so might keep it around for that. I think I'll stick with my MUFE + BUXOM combo for now.

This is actually from the Stylishly Yours collection. I really liked this color, and was excited to use it as a base for my cheek colors. I have never used a cream color base before, but people have talked about it, and have said that it will help blushes last longer, and what not, and is better than a cream blush, so I bought this one. I would have to say, I'm not really impressed. I'm not super disappointed or anything, but I feel it didn't make too much of a difference when it comes to making my blush last all day, but I really liked the color. I would say if you have a problem with your blushes staying on your face, this might not be the product for you, but if you don't have that big of a problem, give this one a try, I really like the color.

As a side note: I used the cream color base and the stila convertible color from the tokyo palette, and I would have to say the convertible color was better as a "blush base." I have super oily skin (which I will talk about soon), that seems to not be able to hold onto colors easily, so If these two were to battle, convertible color would win in my books, even though it is a bit more expensive ;)

Will update you if my opinion changes!

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