Monday, January 24, 2011

Skindinavia No More Shine

Yay!!! I had been eyeing this stuff out for thee longest time, and I finally decided to buy it. It's called No More Shine, and what it is, is a spray that is supposed to set your makeup and give you a matte finish all day. Now I think that I may just be the biggest skeptic about this thing because I have SUPER oily skin.

So I've been using it for a few days, and I must say that I am quite disappointed with its performance. But on the other hand: it has made a slight difference in how my skin does throughout the day. Although it is not the perfect product for me, it still does work. I noticed that my face still gets its early morning shine about a couple hours after I put it on, but after blotting, I notice that it doesn't get as oily throughout the day. My biggest issue is maintenance, I don't blot throughout the day, or touch-up with powder simply because of two things: I don't think it's quite economical (I pay a lot of money for these products, why can't they last all day?), and I am LAZY!!! So I think that will be my next quest in my oily skin solution search I will try...we'll see how it goes.

If my opinion changes, I'll add a bit more to this entry, but for now...if you have extremely oily skin: this may not be the solution you were searching for.

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